Hi there - and thanks for checking out Ganttopia!

My name is Hassan Osman and I created this site to help solve a problem I constantly face as a project manager: using templates for repetitive tasks (especially Gantt Chart timelines).

A little about me: I'm currently a senior manager at Cisco Systems,* where I lead global teams on managing large and complex technology projects. Prior to Cisco, I worked as a management consultant at Ernst & Young - focusing on why projects fail.

I'm also the Amazon best selling author of "Influencing Virtual Teams," and I blog about working from home at The Couch Manager

As someone who manages multiple projects, I have to constantly create project timelines for my teams. To save time, I created and designed a few professional looking PowerPoint timelines so that I don't have to always re-invent the wheel. That's how Ganttopia got started - to share those timeline templates with you and save you time and frustration in creating your own.

If you're interested in downloading a sample of those timelines for free, click on the button below.

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I hope you'll find the templates as helpful as I do.

If you have any questions, or would just like to connect with me, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or email (my first name at thecouchmanager.com)



*Views are my own and not those of Cisco.